Work Term 2012 - Chapman Taylor

While at Chapman Taylor I worked on Trinity Leeds. This has given me invaluable experience with regards to understanding the different stages of a project and the people who are involved with a large project. Trinity Leeds is split into two separate projects, Trinity East (New Build) and West (Alteration and Refurbishment).

Working on this project I gained a lot of experience working with Revit. One model was shared between two architecture offices and the structural engineers. Revit requires a lot of work and information input at the front end to enable speedy production of construction information at a later stage. Applying this to a project at the technical design stage requires an understanding of how best to resource a team using new software on a project and the consequent impact on cost and program. This page highlights some of the work I produced while employed in the office.

Project: Trinity Leeds East

Location: Leeds City Center, Leeds United Kingdom

Size: 34,000 sqm

Description: A new build retail development in the centre of Leeds which is part of a wider regeneration and development plan for Leeds City center, involving the demolition of the former Trinity Quarter shopping precinct and the development of a high quality retail center, comprising of 120 shell retail, restaurant units and a Cinema. This project is running in conjunction with Trinity West, which is the alteration and refurbishment of an existing shopping center, and surrounding buildings.

Form of Appointment: Appointment between Chapman Taylor and Land Securities up to design development then novation to Laing O’Rourke at stage technical design. Appointment Status: Signed June 2007 between Land Securities and Chapman Taylor

Contract Type: Design and Build contract

Contract Status: Signed 28th July 2010. The Contract was signed between Land
Securities and Laing O’Rourke.

Construction Start Date: 28th July 2010 Possession of Site

Estimated Cost of Construction: £150 million (235 million CAD)

Contract Period: 2 years

Practical Completion: Easter 2013

Detailed bridge drawings

By visiting the site and using the metal work contractor’s drawings I updated the construction drawings to reflect what had actually been built on site. The drawings were then filed by Chapman Taylor once they reflected what had been built on site.

Reflected Soffit Plan

Facade Details

This was a preliminary drawing where I added an access hatch to the original drawing. The drawing is meant to show that the access hatch will be part of the facade details and it must have a door head support as well as flashing.

Part Elevation and Section

Sketch Study

This is a Sketch Study that I produced for a presentation to a client. The client owns a building that had been designed by Chapman Taylor in the early 90’s. The client hired Chapman Taylor to do a feasibility study of the building and what changes could be made to produce more income. This sketch study is part of the study that demonstrates how an existing hotel could be turned into residential tower. It gives the client two options for potential changes to the building.