This project was based around the study of light. I digitally modeled the site and mapped out the shadows created during the extremes of the year. I then overlaid the shadows for a full year and extruded these site-based shadows back to their sources. This left me with an interesting shape on the site and a good indication of where the sun hit most frequently. I then took this shape and modeled the negative space or areas of light that were left on site in the building footprint. I modeled the shapes created by these and used this to inform basis for the layout of my building as well as the passive heating strategy.

Inhabitable Wall

The design brief had a requirement for two large auditoriums on a relatively small site. My intention was to create a more generous atrium and open space. To achieve this I incorporated the practice spaces in an inhabitable wall running through the building. This wall separated the public and private areas and housed the mechanical systems. Combined with the atrium it created the second performance auditorium. The natural light is gathered from the south, diffused through the frosted glass and then reflected off the back white wall to backlight the practice rooms. These practice rooms can then open to the public and the whole wall becomes a performance area. The light defines the stages.